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  • Andi
    Good day. I'm 54 years old, it's not very convenient to write about it, but I was ashamed of the size of my penis - only 12 cm. My wife kept complaining. I read reviews on the internet and decided to order Big Lover Gel. It smells nice, the composition was pleasantly surprised. I used it strictly according to the instructions. I have had an increase of 3 cm for a month, I feel best.
    Big Lover
  • Rani
    Good day. I dedicate my review to the male population. Six months ago I had problems with an erection with rapid ejaculation. In addition, the size of the penis was very frustrating. The girl on the beach occasionally paid attention to other men. I ordered Big Lover Gel. The first results were published in the first week of use.
    Big Lover
  • Intan
    I ordered Big Lover Gel for myself as a last chance to get back to normal life. I began to fear intimacy, and there were often dropouts. The girl advised me to buy this product on the Internet. I've started using it, I can't get enough of it. The male strength is up and the size of the penis has increased.
    Big Lover
  • Andri
    I learned something about the Big Lover gel from my brother. It turns out he had erectile function issues too. The composition is excellent, only natural ingredients, I really liked the smell. It is absorbed quickly, does not flow over the hands. The tube took a long time, the result is amazing. My penis has increased by 4 centimeters. I am happy.
    Big Lover
  • Agus
    I am not a supporter of buying cream online. But the Big Lover tool changed my thinking dramatically. I couldn't have a full sex life a year ago. I felt terrible, couldn't see a woman. I started using the product 5 minutes before sex. After 2 weeks of use, the effects became stable, there were no side effects or addiction.
    Big Lover
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