Instructions for use Big Lover

Features of the application of the gel Big Lover

Gel Big Lover for penis enlargement has its own application properties. Many people ask the question: how is the gel used? In order for the product to meet all your expectations as well as possible, you must use it according to the instructions. You can order the product in Spain on the official website.

How do I apply Big Lover?

How to use Big Lover cream

Many are willing to take dangerous drugs and even lie on the operating table just to enlarge the penis. It can be a surefire way to prolong sexual intercourse, increase male dignity, and improve erection. Gel Big Lover has all the necessary certificates that confirm its safety and effectiveness. Please note that this can increase not only the length but also the volume of the penis.

Innovative food supplements help improve the vital functions of the cells and thus guarantee stable effectiveness. A man can give his partner multiple orgasms. Under no circumstances will he believe in himself. The unique gel has no contraindications. You can order the product in Spain on the official website.


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem. But do not give up, it is possible to restore sexual function. Gel Big Lover was developed to prolong sexual intercourse, improve the quality of the erect state, as well as increase potency and enlarge the penis. There are a number of the following indications for the use of Big Lover gel:

  1. Erectile dysfunction.
  2. Small penis size.
  3. Sex drive disorder.
  4. Early ejaculation.
  5. Bad sperm quality / quantity.
  6. Low sexual activity.

Stages of action of the gel Big Lover

The innovative product contains completely natural ingredients. Solves sexual problems in a short time. Acts on the physiological cause of erectile dysfunction. At the same time, the gel has no side effects. It's worth noting that it gives great results for older men too.

The week Cause
First week With the onset of the active action of the components, the walls of the arteries are strengthened, blood flow to the pelvic organs is improved. The anxiety gradually decreases as sexual desire appears.
Second week Significant increase in erection. A man feels an increase in strength, self-confidence develops. The element increases by 1-3 cm.
Third week The effect of the components is improved. There are no more dropouts during sexual intercourse. The member increases significantly in size. Lethargy and premature ejaculation don't return.
Fourth week Consolidation of the result. Penis enlargement by 4-7 cm. Stable erection, prolonged intercourse. Always alive emotions and sensations.


Gel Big Lover has no contraindications. To achieve the desired effect, you need to use the product according to the instructions.

This unique remedy fights the signs of erectile dysfunction. The use of the composition against impotence ensures a high quality and stable erection thanks to natural ingredients. Reviews from men note a quick effect, complete safety and ease of use.