How to enlarge your penis with lemonade: features and precautions

Penis enlargement with baking soda

Methods for penis enlargement in men include nutritional supplements, exercise machines, weights, vacuum pumps and surgical procedures. However, they all pose certain health risks. Therefore, folk methods are becoming increasingly popular. They are easy to use and safe. You can enlarge your penis at home using baking soda. For greater effectiveness it is combined with massages and physical exercises.

Truth or myth

It is possible to enlarge the penis with soda, but the changes will not be significant.In combination with massage and physical exercise, the length of the penis can be adjusted by no more than 1. 5-2 cm. Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda does not contain blood circulation stimulants, hormones, components that affect tissue elasticity and other components. This can lead to significant changes in organ size.

However, lemonade can significantly reduce potency. Its main value for the human body is cleansing. The process affects not only toxins, but also harmful impurities in the blood. The presence of toxins makes it difficult to move through the vessels, which prevents blood from flowing completely to the erect penis.

The combined use of baking soda allows you to normalize blood circulation and provide a man with a strong erection.

Therefore, penis enlargement with soda at home has a greater impact on potency than on the size of the organ.By using sodium bicarbonate alone, without physical exercise and using special creams, changes in organ size of up to 0. 5 mm can be detected in the erect state.

Larger results (up to 3 cm) can only be achieved with the help of auxiliary techniques that act on the tissues at the base of the penis.

It should be noted that radical methods of increasing manhood are required only if the erect penis does not reach 8 cm. This is a serious pathology that causes difficulties in conception.

How to Use Baking Soda for Penis Enlargement

To enlarge the penis, the following methods with soda are commonly used:

  • soda scrubbing;
  • soda baths;
  • Massage with soda.

Care should be taken when using baking soda at home, especially when using baths, as increased exposure to sodium bicarbonate can dry out sensitive skin and cause it to crack.

Popular folk remedies with soda for men:

Means Connection Preparation and use
  • Warm water – 200ml;
  • Soda – 1 teaspoon
  1. Soda dissolves in a glass of water.
  2. The penis is immersed in the bath for 15 minutes.

You should take a bath at least an hour before sexual intercourse. With this method you can achieve a significant increase in skin elasticity

Soda scrub
  • Baking powder – 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • Water
  1. Soda is diluted with water to a mushy consistency.
  2. The resulting composition is lubricated with the genital organ and massaged with gentle movements for 5-7 minutes.


  • In order not to injure the skin, movements should be very gentle;
  • If burning or itching is felt, the product should be washed off immediately and the surface should be smeared with natural fats (vegetable or animal), without touching the head;
  • If you feel a burning sensation in the head area, it should be rinsed under running water as quickly as possible.

With this product you can significantly strengthen your erection

Honey peeling
  • Liquid honey – 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • Soda – 1 tbsp. l.
  1. Honey and soda are mixed in equal proportions.
  2. The resulting composition is smeared on the penis and rubbed with massaging movements for 5 minutes.

The result of the application is similar to the effect after a soda peeling. However, honey softens the lemonade, making the method safer

Soda compress
  • Soda – 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • gauze napkin;
  • Water
  1. Soda is placed on a gauze napkin and slightly moistened with water.
  2. The resulting compress is applied to the penis.
  3. You must keep the structure for a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 minutes.

Increases blood flow to the penis

Drinking solution
  • A glass of water (200 ml);
  • Soda – 0. 5 tsp.
  1. Soda dissolves in a glass of warm water.
  2. The liquid is drunk in the first half of the day before meals
Soda lotion
  • Soda – 1 tbsp. l. ;
  • a glass of water
  1. The penis is thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. Soda is dissolved in water and the penis is washed with this liquid.
  3. After the procedure, the organ is not rinsed with water; it must dry naturally

Soda massage:

  1. The penis is thoroughly washed, dried and greased thickly with olive oil.
  2. Soda (1 tbsp) is applied to the oil base.
  3. The resulting mask is used to massage the penis. The movements should be gentle and circular. The duration of the massage is 10 minutes.
  4. After the procedure, the penis is rinsed with water and lubricated again with oil.
  5. After absorption, excess oil is dabbed off with a paper napkin.

The composition should not be topsy-turvy.

All manipulations can be carried out no more than once a day.The duration of treatment on the penis is 2-3 weeks, depending on the condition of the man's skin and well-being. When taking soda orally, you must carefully monitor your health and if any atypical sensations appear (burning, itching, etc. ), stop taking it immediately.

When using methods of external influence on the penis, you must adhere to the intervals - there should be a break of at least 2 weeks between courses. It is recommended to drink soda solutions three times a year for no more than two weeks.

Contraindications and consequences

Features of the use of folk remedies for the sexual organs depend not only on the individual characteristics of the body, but also on disorders of male sexual function, including:

  • urological diseases;
  • Inflammation on the surface of the penis;
  • increased skin sensitivity.

In addition to diseases, obstacles to the use of soda techniques can also be:

  • damage to the skin in the treated area;
  • oncological processes that occur in any part of the body.

Particular caution should be exercised when using products containing honey.Honey is a strong allergen, so before starting use, you should test a small amount of the composition on the elbow or wrist.If there is no redness, itching, spots or rash on the skin, the product can be used according to the instructions. Testing the product on the intimate area is dangerous.

The internal use of soda solutions should only be started after consulting a specialist.Improper use of connections can have serious consequences, such as:

  • internal bleeding;
  • gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Ulcers

Soda techniques are only effective for a short time. Since they can only be used once a day, it is therefore recommended to use the recipes 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse.

Before using traditional medicine, be sure to consult a specialist to avoid harm to health.